Thursday, 15 October 2009

About 2000 thunderstorms rage somewhere on the universe every minute. They can cause terrible damage & usually happen in hot weather - when warm, moist air rises to form thunderstorms

What is lightning?
Swirling air in thunderclouds make raindrops rub together. This produces tiny electric charges!

Positive charges build up at the top of the cloud, negative charges build up at the bottom. Lightning sparks between the two

As lightning streaks through the sky, it heats the air to incredibly hot temperatures. The air explodes! causing a deafening crack of thunder. Light travels faster than sound, so we view the lightning before we hear the thunder clap

Lightning always takes the fastest route to the ground.

Sparks are attracted to tall objects, such as tress & tall buildings.

Never shelter under a tree in a storm!

credits: the university corporation for atmospheric research / jen green - my first planet earth encyclopedia / flickr / various sources


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