Tuesday, 27 July 2010

a warm welcome by beautiful dragon fly at pengkalan si babau

haz alamrox & sembilang (catfish species) at sungai bangau

lane snapper (ketambak) & gs parado at tugu's zone

grouper, pelumpong

2nd grouper

yummy.. fresh.. so glossy...



sportfishing...game on! feel it...


green bead would not spoil the rod's ring..

lets fish! ...surecatch

juvenile permit...

six hours dragon fly trip... gs parado was the best fishos, haz alamrox had various pleasurable chances, skipper hafiCF simply loosen up & abgCF would spur the moment should any fishos got the tight line!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

leopard toadfish (opsanus pardus) has a large flat head & a big mouth with fleshy projections around it. spend most of the time under a rock or crevice & feed on mollusks & crustaceans

butterfly fish (chaetodon capistratus).. known as the four-eye fish & do mating for life, therefore you will often see two of them romantically together

jackkhnife fish (equetus lanceolatus)

lingcod (ophiodon elongates)

queen angelfish

bat rays (myliobatis californica)are truly graceful creatures & normally are 4 to 5 feet across but have been reported with 'wingspans' of 8 feet! they live up to 24 years & are armed with a defensive barb on the end of their tail. feamle bat rays are faster & grow longer than males

scrawled cowfish (lactophrys quadricornis), a member of boxfish family

smooth trunk fish (lactophrys triqueter)

woof-eels (anarrhichthys ocellatus) have powerful jaws for crushing bivalves

codfish.. so pinksih! cute eyes too..

credits: livescience & various data

Monday, 19 July 2010

oj - assalamualaikum abgCF, did u get my email?
abgCF - walaikumsalam bro, yes! those creatures 're amazing
oj - bahrain's ocean products hahaha
abgCF - fancy to be there, should time permit
oj - insyallah, anytime...


so yummy.. fresh.. eye catching!

abgCF - send my salam to your dad
oj - will do
abgCF - when is he coming to brunei darussalam again?
oj - aint sure yet bro
abgCF - tell him.. his next trip.. we would sail to drop off or kuala baram zone insallah
oj - certainly.. wow! feel it...

oooo dear.. so incredible!

fish trap did some trick too

his mom would be happy to steam those sea-mortal

amberjack / kingfish

remarkable handline had caught numerous of them too!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Dirgahayu Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik

Assyukurillah.. we are proud to be Your Majesty's subjects & being the Bruneians with the blessing of Allahuma Solli Ala Saydina Muhammad wa Ala Alli Muhammad

Our Warmest Greeting To His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah Sultan & Yang Di Pertuan Of Negara Brunei Darussalam on the Occasion of Your Majesty's Sixty Forth Birthday on July 15th, 2010

Saturday, 10 July 2010

baby sharptooth snapper

kerisi (baby sharptooh snapper)

michael reilly, chief operating officer, stellar inflight, sydney, australia was croxfiber's guest at muara zone

with a sudden there was a splash!

hahahaha he's enjoying himself at 43 ft depth

i feel good... my next trip to brunei, i would apply the sun block & bring along my gears!

michael - croxfiber fishos.. please come to sydney we'll fish at numerous good reefs
zuk - it has been in my mind for ages
abgCF - game on mike!
haz - count me in!
hafiCF - me too!
zimin - belajar tah ku cakap english ni dulu hahaha (got to learn how to speak english now.. hahaha)

zimin.. lane snapper

zuk & michael, two cheerful inflight entertainments buddies .. anxiety 're gone whenever you touchdown on the bluish scenario hehehehe