Saturday, 17 October 2009

barramundi.. come and get us!

belingkok my rod! not one nite in bangkok hahaha (belingkok - bend)

a new angler join us.. just for a nite

mike's getting ready..

kenn tengeri-man & ps 're checking croxfiber's tackle gear

agus tongkol-man's telling us there's a splash! could it be barramundi?

banar bahhh!!
it's ringing! not a cellphone.. zuk alamrox has got to check a bell attached to his shimano's rod

zul pudak with his white watch hahahaha
am gunners fc supporters of brunei premier league, aint u?
orang buta pun nampak tu jam mu ahh.. tarang ehh hahaha

haz alamrox's doing his anjun

at the far end, we could witness 3 anglers (2 standing up & 1 seated).. simply waiting for their rods to belingkok

mike aint familiar to this area but the sea of jerudong & some brunei rivers you can't buyok him hehehe (buyok - trick)

mike loves the sea.. now it's a new experience for him!
sama sama ambil pengalaman bro!
normally his boat's swimming at jerudong's zone
he got 4 boats.. fishing boat, cupboard, blackboard & kana bubut hahaha

carefully look at the window-stand.. what do u see?
lovely feet of hafiCF hahaha.. his head 's resting on his relix's tackle bag

clean your gear after utilizing it!
salt water could harm your rod's ring & reel's coverage
lets hope no virus would attack our gear...
kebersihan adalah keindahan dalam islam untuk mereka yang beriman

two barramundi (selungsong) & juvenile permit (languran)
lets fish.. game on!


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