Monday, 19 October 2009

for sure that number told us of his age!
tiga biskal asli dari laut kepunyannya hahaha

thanks to brunei shell helix..

our spot was at galeri bumbung 12 area (12 roofs gallery) which's famous for barramundi, magrove jack, grouper, sting ray & star trek hehehehe

caught & released of 200g & below of sea creatures, one of the rules of croxfiber-anglers

due to heavy sky juice down-poured, we rushed to a nearby jetty

zuk alamrox, kubak fs krew & abgCF were just loosen up for couple of hours

batik kah seluar ahhh hehehe.. suka bunga bunga ke? aloha!

numerous lane snapper (ketambak), 1 gulama & 1 langut caught & released

in action or game fish missing in action hehehehe

priority rules as human beings..
jagalah kebersihan - keep it clean


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