Friday, 30 December 2011

Narrated Abu Huraira: A Bedouin came and asked Prophet Muhammad SAW, "When would the Hour (Doomsday) take place?". The Prophet SAW said, "When honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday)." The Bedouin asked again, "How will that be lost?" The Prophet SAW said, "When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons, then wait for the Hour (Doomsday)"

Narrated Anas: Rasulullah SAW said, "From among the portents of the Hour are: 1. Religious knowledge will be taken away (by the death of Religious learned men) 2. Ignorance in religion will prevail (and killing will be everywhere) 3. Drinking of Alcoholic (will be very common) 4. There will be prevalence of open illegal sexual intercourse

Narrated 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud: The Prophet said, "Do not wish to be like anyone except in two cases. (The first is) A person, whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it righteously; (the second is) the one whom Allah has given wisdom (the Holy Qur'an) and he acts according to it and teaches it to others."

role model leaders?

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr bin Al' As: I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "Allah does not take away the knowledge, by taking it away from (the hearts of) the people, but takes it away by the death of the religious learned men till when none of the (religious learned men) remains, people will take as their leaders ignorant persons who when consulted will give their verdict without knowledge. So they will go astray and will lead the people astray."

Allahuma Solli Ala Syedina Muhammad Wa Ala Alli Muhammad

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

sea creatures live closely together on the reef. some spend on others for a home, to stay clean or for protection from predators

grouper & other fish have difficulty removing the tiny parasites taht live on their body, so they visit 'cleaning station'..

small fish & cleaner shrimps remove & eat the parasites for them

the moray eel opens its mouth so that the cleaner shrimps can remove parasites from every nook & cranny

The Messenger of Allah ( Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam) said: "The blessings in the meal is by washing before and after it" (Abu Daud)

yummy fish... right hands?

The Messenger of Allah ( Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Salam) said: - when of you eats let him eat with his right hand, for verily satan eats and drinks with his left hand

right hands

do wash your hands when you wake up... scientifically it a healthy ways of life

cleaning station...

drink in 3 breaths removing the utensil from the mouth after each sip. do not drink directly from the jug or bottle. one should pour the contents into a glass first and then drink - said by Rasulullah SAW

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

reef animals protect themselves from predators in different ways. some use body armour or poisons to defend themselves

others rely on camouflage to keep them hidden on the reef

corals make great hiding places for the creatures that live on them

tiny animals such as goby, hide among the coral branches

frog fish look more like a piece of coral or sponge than a fish! by keeping perfectly still

they blend in with the reef & are difficult for predators to spot

seahorses use body armour to defend themselves. the tough armour give them good protection but makes swimming more difficult. they sat still much of the time, relying on their camouflage to hide them from hunger hunters

cowfish's spiky body armour, with long spines over each eye, give it an unusual appearance

if cowfish is attacked, it would release a poison into the water from its skin

Sunday, 4 December 2011

jeremy wade, british's sportfisho decided to grapple with 1 of the world's biggest & deadliest freshwater creature he never imagined he would win the battle. the most exhausting & dangerous catch of his career

the 53 years old manged to snare the 20 stones monster short-tailed stringray in argentina after a tiring 4 hour standoff on the river parana near buneous aires. he said " it stuck to the bottom & borrowed itself in the sand & the mud, so it's like lifting a dead weight. after half an hour with on further movement i was convinced it had swam around a tree. so we moved position & i pulled my rod from a different angle

when i locked the reel with my thumb & heaved & i felt a wrench on the line. then it's stalemate again. for the next 2 hours nothing changed then i gave it it another desperate heave & go it moving. it eventually got tired & when it lifted off the bottom we pulled it into shallow water. it was a huge circular shape, humped in the middle & the same colour as the sand

my arms & back were totally shot afterwards, i was so tired because the short-tailed ray- potamotrygon brachyura in latin - is camourflaged to sand unwary people often tread on them in the shallow water. when the stingray is attack it lashes out with its lethal tail which is covered in thorny spines that can rip flesh to the bone

it has 2 barbed 4 inch prongs which can inject a fresh-rotting venom. if you get the barb through an artery or body cavity it can be fatal! it normally attacks feet & ankles from where people tread on them by accident

it can leave nasty wound & take seven years to stop weeping. people in that area of argentina shuffle their feet forward when walking through the surf so that they kick the side of it & not tread on top of it

jeremy wade does not fish without these..

credits: /various data

Thursday, 1 December 2011

numerous sea creatures visit coastal waters
to breed or to have their young

migration of sting rays...

these shallow waters are often sheltered and there
is plenty of food for the infant animals

whales make regular journeys along the world's coasts.
humpback whale spend the summer in the cold waters,
where there is plenty of food

then they migrate to warmer shallow water,
where the females give birth

many squids live in shallow water close to rocks, caves & sea grass. the female lays eggs with a short stalk, which she attaches to rocks & seaweeds so that they do not get carried away by the tides

squid eggs

raw squid eggs are yummy.. try them!

once a year, hammerhead sharks gather together
in special breeding places

each male selects a female and they mated... after 10 months,
the female swims into shallow water to give birth to her pups

manta rays live in the deep sea but give birth in shallow coastal waters, where the young stay for several years. the females are pregnant for about a year before giving birth to 1 or 2 pups

the manta ray sometimes known as underwater flier

well disciplined & good manners... human beings should be better than them! (kalau lah binatang ada disiplin, insyaallah manusia perlu hebat adab nya sesama insan)

migration of gray whales are 20,000 kilometers - the
longest journey made by any mammal

this gigantic manta is the biggest fish ever hooked and landed.
the ray measured 19 feet 9 inches from wing-tip to wing-tip
and weighed over 5000 pounds