Saturday, 30 April 2011

membangan (red snapper) & 2 mangrove jacks

sharptooth jobfish (kerisi bali),
54 km from jerudong's base

it's understood that mangrove jack, membangan & sharptooh jobfish are the 230 or so species of snapper that make up the lutjanidae family could be found in tropical seas, but a few also occur in warm-temperate water. they are predatory fish, with sharp, conical teeth, including one or two canine teeth on either side of the front of each jaw

Sunday, 24 April 2011

starry flounder

this flatfish which can be righteyed or lefteyed, is very common & its fins are marked with black & yellow bands, upper side of its body haspatches of shiny, star shaped scale

platichthys stellastus

it grows up to 20 lb (9.1 kg)

winter flounder

it's a valuable commercial species & a popular gamefish

capable of reaching 8 lb (3.6 kg) & occurring from the tidal shallow out to depths of about 400 ft (120 m) or more!

its coloration & marking are very variable, pseudopleuronectes americanus is the scientific name


it's marked with bold red or orange spots & grows to a weight of over 10 lb (4.54 kg)

pleuronectes platessa (european plaice)

hippooglossoides platessoides (american plaice)

sole (solea solea)

it has brown with dark patches on its upper side & creamy white below.. spends the day buried in the sand, feeding at night in midwater & grows to 6 lb 10 oz (3 kg)

a sportfisho could be a chef, as well..

with lemon..


credits: flickr/ the new encyclopedia of fishing / numerous data

Monday, 18 April 2011

seven popular flatfish are pacific halibut, turbot, summer flounder, starry flounder, winter flounder, plaice & sole

for a few days after hatching from the egg, the larva of a flatfish resembles that of any other fish but then it begins to change into the compressed, asymmetrical shape that make flatfish superbly adapted to a bottom-hugging life

there are over 500 species - the main families being the pleuronectidae or righteyed flatfish, in which both eyes are on the right side of the body; the bothidae or lefteyed flatfish, in which both eyes are on the left; and the soleidae or sole family, which contains mostly righteyed species

pacific halibut

hippoglossus stenolepis

this huge, righteyed flatfish & its atlantic counterpart are among the largest fish in the sea, probably capable of exceeding 800 ib (360 kg)

however, most caught by anglers are young fish weighing less tha 10 lb (4.54 kg), the largest adults being found in every deep water!


scophthalmus maximus, this large lefteyed flatfish is widely istributed in european waters & occurs from near the shoreline to the depths ofup to 260 ft (80 m)

the coloration of its upper side is typically light brown with dark speckles & blotches. generally matches the color of the bottom on which it lives

its maximum weight is about 33 lb (15 kg), scophthalmus maximus

summer flounder (paralichthys dentatus)

this lefteyed flatfish reach a weight of 26 lb (12 kg)

usually marked with numerous ocelli (rimmed spots), of which five near the tail are the large & prominent

good catch!

credits: flickr/ the new encyclopedia of fishing / numerous data

Thursday, 14 April 2011

match of the day between liverpool vs
manchester united recently...

those trio 're man u fanatics..
the one in red is the kop


avail beans are brazil santos, colombian, java

ethiopian, sumatra, great hondroras & kenya

anxious... man u fan


lfc follower... azimCF


adi, hafiz, nash, faiz & bab

for a truly smile..

coffee zone is the best!

Monday, 4 April 2011

game on...

1st hand

2nd hand


grouper, pisang pisang, tamong & sulit hijau

loosen up... santai bro