Sunday, 31 October 2010

a high value table fish

game on...

fantastic size! rs- ruby snapper

peace on earth.. hehehee his 2nd catch!

etelis carbunculus (ruby snapper) color implies on its back, upper sides and all fins in deep pink to red, white or pinkish on the lower sides & belly... dorsal & anal fin bases without scales

inhabit rocky bottoms and feed on smaller fish, squid, shrimp and crabs.. high-speed jigging too! (25 rs were hooked.. tiredness had made them to depart the spot. hope those deepwater snappers 're still active & boogieing, now)

fighting characteristics would be very aggressive strike immediately followed by a quick run for shelter... excellent gamefish!

it's also known as rubin snapper & deepwater snapper

one for the road b4 sailing home...


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

speed-off... croxfiber-boat

game on.. lets fish!

equipped with shimano aernos nx 5000, mono line of 20 lb, leader of steel # 27

the rod was abu garcia conolon, pionner size 12 as hooked & live bait of aur aur

ooooohaaaaa... feel it! brrrr...

mackerel - the scombridae family consists of about 45 species & includes the numerous species of mackerel plus tuna, bonito & wahoo. the typical scombrid is a fast-swimming predator with a beautiful streamlined, spindle-shaped body & a large, deeply forked of lunate (crescent-shaped) tail. they are able to fold some of their fins into slots in their bodies to make them more streamlined & enable them to swim faster!

spanish mackerel a fine table fish...

fishos / anglers fancy to dance with tunas due to their fast-run fighters & tend to circle near the boat! as for mackerels due to their long-run near surface & often follow by shorter-run in mid water!

little tunny of tuna. the little tunny is popular gamefish. it's very similar to the skipjack tuna & other species of euthynnus that can grows to a maximum of about 12 kg (26 lb)

5kg & 1 kg mackerels

catch you soon... ooohhaaaaa!

credits: the new encyclopedia of fishing/ & various data

Thursday, 21 October 2010

ayam laut (triggerfish)
reel: qunatum energy
rod : eupro amalthea pe 1-3
hook: pionner # 12
line: mono 20 lb
leader: steel # 27

juvenile swordfish

jefo had caught yummy squids & was posing with his berkley's anti uv-light fishing sleeves

haz & spanish mackerel

we intended to catch & release the crocodile needlefish (crocodile long-tom / houndfish), unfortunately aint breathing well & hence ought to be eaten

Friday, 15 October 2010

pinky - my 1st catch!

awat awat (snapper species)

jefo got bull eyes snapper too! (also known as long-finned big eyes, glasseyes, glasojefisk, bigeye fish.. classified in the family of heteropriacanthus cruentatus)

black sharptooh snapper (kerisi hitam)

grouper & red slab snapper (pinky - my two in one.. great accomplishment! sangal beb..)

pisang emas (snapper species)

it took 30 minutes for pinky to dance with good size of kingfish/ amberjack/ aji aji (pinky - babelulang tah tetapak tangan ku ni heheee.. feel it!)

yellow coral trout.. game on, lets fish!

in nurul's mind... assyukurlillah yummy meals for a week, tnx to papa & mama (sudah ku basar nanti, jadi tah ku lady-fisho pinky II heheheee)

lips to lips.. lets kiss! hahahaaaaa

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

bab - who's that?
zimin pudak - shhh..he's busy, don't disturb him

pink hat.. pink t-shirt

zimin pudak - jefo loves pink
bab - me too even abgCF... aka bro pink
hafiCF - hahahahaaaaa

new roller's born..

collection of pinkish gears... bab & jefo

hand made + machine...

hammer on cha cha dance..

croxfiber-boat aint for sale (inda tah jadi bajual heheheee)