Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Mangrove Jack is well known within Australia & south east asian region, the Mangrove red snapper Lutjanus argentimaculatus is an explosive and powerful sport water-creature that is renowned for its superb eating and fighting qualities

Coloration of the Mangrove Jack ranges from burnt orange, to copper, to bronze and dark reddish-brown, depending on its age and environment. Younger fish caught in estuarine areas are often darker than older fish taken from offshore reef areas and exhibit lighter vertical bands down their flanks

As its name implies, the Mangrove Jack is commonly found in mangrove-lined estuarine systems although is known to migrate to offshore reefs in order to spawn

As ambush predators, `Jacks' often dwell around mangrove roots, fallen trees, rock walls, and any other snag areas where smaller prey reside for protection

As they mature, Mangrove Jacks move into open waters, sometimes hundreds of kilometers from the coast in order to breed These larger fish are sometimes caught by bottom-fishers with heavy tackle, though they still remain difficult to land due to their speed and proximity to sharp reef bottoms

The Mangrove Jack is a highly regarded table fish with firm, sweet tasting, white flesh

lets fish.. game on!

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