Tuesday, 31 August 2010

the name vmc is an acronym for viellard, migeon & company, the names of the two founders who started the company in 1835 specialising in iron works for the french market

the hook department was formed in 1910 by charles viellard & during this time 10 families from reddich in england who specialised in hook manufacture were brought to france to develop the hook making business

in 1968 under the guidance of christophe viellard, the business went through a period of global repositioning & his two strategies: firstly, to focus on automation in hook production & secondly, to establish a global footprint. it was during that time that christophe decided to focus all of his efforts on treble hooks & this move has paid off in spades as vmc is globally the largest manufacturer of treble hooks!

giant trevally... 18 blue rapala lure

in 1980s, vmc established international distribution throughout the us, germany, poland, ukraine, brazil & russia, becoming the market leader in treble hook output & sales

by 2000, the company merged with the rapala group! rapala was a globally dominant lure manufacturer & vmc the largest treble manufacturer

blackfin tuna!

french hook manufacturer vmc peche celeberates its 100 year anniversary of hook making in 2010

barramundi.. rapala lure.. vmc treble hooks

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Saturday, 28 August 2010

lane snapper

lovely texture & color!

haz alamrox, gs pardo zuk alamrox, zimin pudak, haz alamrox & abgCF loosen up at kampong air (water village) zone

ketambak (lane snappers) & bebarahan (gray snapper)

tabana (catfish species).. good sparring sportfish too!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

17 ramadan 1431

the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said after me i.e. after my death, do not become disbelievers by striking the necks of one another - narrated by abu zur'a bin 'amr bin jarir r.a (striking can be classified as killing, hurting people physically & mentally, getting resources not according to islamic manners etc)

'Ali bin Abi Talib r.a. reported i went out wearing a garment in the form of silk cloak, Allah Messenger (May Peace Be Upon Him) saw it & a sign of anger on his face, so i tore it & distributed it amongst women

Rasulullah S.A.W said the most hated persons to Allah S.W.T are three (1) a person who diverts from the right conducts i.e. an evil doer (2) a person who seeks that the traditions of the pre-islamic period of ignorance, should remain in islam (3) and the person who seeks to shed somebody's blood without any right - narrated by 'ibn abbas r.a

Allahuma Solli Ala Syedina Muhammad wa Ala Alli Muhammad

credits: hadithsahihbukhari / hadithsahihmuslim /flickr /various data

Saturday, 21 August 2010

sembilang (catfish species)

been for ages they aint with croxfiber... welcome back fishos oj & azimCF


good thumb sign.. zimin pudak's joyful gamefisher!

croxfiber 're at pudak & sungai bunga zones

mj.. the mangrove jacks!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

cute handline reel & chicken pellets

zuk alamrox, zul pudak, haz alamrox & abgCF 're having good time for an hour at pudak's waterways

bebaharan (gray snapper, lutjanus griseus)

zuk alamrox - what is the brightest star in the night time sky?
abgCF - star trek
haz alamrox - hahahahaa
zul pudak - kekeke hehheeww


haz alamrox the best fishos..


chicken pellets do the trick as chum

sirius is the most brightest star at night instead of star trek hahahahhaa

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

perspective view of the kawio barat (West Kawio) seamount looking from the northwest. the underwater volcano rises around 10,000 feet (3,800 meters) from the seafloor
a huge underwater volcano has been mapped & photographed by scientists exploring the deep ocean north of sulawesi, indonesia (it's part of asean zone!)
it's called kawio barat, refering to the ocean area west of indonesia's kawio island, south of the philippines. the giant volcano was mapped by the u.s. national & atmospheric administration (noaa) ship okeanos explorer i.e. the volcano more than 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) tall.
so far the ship has mapped 2,400 square miles (6,216 sq km) of the indonesian seabed. the project is part of an ongoing mission to reveal the mysterious of the ocean floor

little hercules rov descends down to the summit of the kawio barat submarine volcano
okeanos explorer is equipped with sonar & an underwater robot, called a remote operating vehicle (rov), which is tethered to the ship & piloted by crew on board. the rov can decends as deep as 13,000 feet (3,962 m) & provides live video from the seafloor

barnacles covering sulphur structures on kawio barat volcano
"ocean-related concerns, including food security & protecting ocean ecosysytems that support fisheries, affect many nations including indonesia - a nation of 17,000 islands," said team member sugiarta wirasantosa of indonesian's agency for marine & fisheries research. "to understand & manage such things, we must first explore. that's why this expedition is so important"

little hercules rov images a vent plume as it descends to the summit of kawio barat submarine volcano
"this is a huge undersea volcano, taller than all but three or four mountains in indonesia.. & rising more than 10,000 feet from the seafloor in water more than 18,000 feet (5,486 m) deep," said microbiologist & team member jim holden of the university of massachusetts in amherst. "the more we understand these undersea features & the communities of life they support, the better we can manage & protect the ocean & its resources."

should the volcano erupt... rod & reel will be grounded, bad news for asean fishos!

credits: ouramazingplanet/ index2010/ flickr/ numerous data