Tuesday, 29 June 2010

moray eel

manta ray

scrawled filefish loves to swim into ocean water


torpedo rays (torpedo californica) had flat gray bodies & black spots. interestingly they catch their prey by stunning them with a jolt!

goosefish.. camouflaged on a northern rocky reefs

ocean sunfish or mola mola cruises slowly through water column. at the surface mola mola will be mistakenly seen as a shark due to the tall dorsal fins

california sheephead (semicossyphus pulcher) fancies to roam at rocky reefs & klep forests. amazingly, sheephead are all born females however once they have gone through a change of later life, they will be transformed into males!

scorpionfish's ugly visage allows it to hide in northern seaweed beds

batfish, sexy lips & intimidate make-up.. phewwittt...hahaha

credits: livescience & numerous info

Friday, 25 June 2010

baby generator is on!

front roller

red phase grouper (kerapu bara)

sharptooth snapper (kerisi bali)

red phase grouper & snapper (kerapu bara & membangan)

amberjack / kingfish (aji aji)

ayam laut... sea chicken??? hahaha brrr

jukut (snapper species)

snapper & grouper (membangan & kerapu)

sting ray (pari) & sea chicken?? paaka paaka paakaak hahahaha

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

dj shahrizan with his catch!

loosen up.. santai bro

dj zura with her lovely juvenile permit

boat-fishing.. got to do right balancing hehehe

gotcha! dj iril was so cheerful

khairy, academy player of muara villa football club was killing his time with rod & spool

time to relax at sungai bunga's fish farm

lauk putih

raihan pudak, dj shahrizan, khairy, dj iril & dj zura

Saturday, 19 June 2010

soft coral - often mistaken for plants, soft corals including deep sea water fan (lciligorgia schrammi), comman sea fan (gorgonia ventalina) & the giant slit-pore sea rod (plexaurella nutans) attach themselves to a hard substrate & slowly move with the natural wave action.

sponges like the orange elephant ear (agelas clathrodes) are water filter for the reefs. they filter up to 30,000 times their body volume everyday

pillar coral - dendrogyra cylindrus (pillar corals) are beautiful & rare as their polyps are normally extended

(tubastraea coccinea) orange cup corals - they are found in oil platforms

elkhorn coral (acropora palmata) - is a branching coral. grow in the shallow areas of the reef crest & serve to break up the wave action as it come onto he reef. the branches of elkhorn coral resemble an elk's rack of antlers, thus its name

beautiful flower corals (eusmilia fastigiata)

star coral - boulder & massive corals (montastrea annularis) are the builders of the reef. a coral head is a colony of small animals called polyps. polyps the size of a pencil eraser build an external skeleton of calcium carbonate around their bodies. the wall of these skeletons form a rock-like structure. over time, as new polyps build their skeletons on top of each other, a large coral head is formed. the boulder & massive coral skeletons develop the main reef structure. coralline algae & entrusting coral glues everything together

brain coral - a reticulated brittle star lies on the ridges of brain coral

bleaching coral - this coral is a growing phenomenon for coral reefs globally. it's caused by the expulsion of the symbiotic algae, zooxanthelle, from the coral polyps. the zooxanthelle gives the coral its color & is also the source of the most of the coral's nutrients. coral can survive for a short time without the zooxanthelle but if the algae remain expelled for an extended period of the time, the coral will die

anemones coral - tiny strawberry anemones stretch their starry crowns of tentacles to catch prey from the food-rich currents

ecosystems need coral reefs...

wisely.. united as one, ecosystem needs you!

credits: livescience, wikipedia & numerous data

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

mangrove jack

5 juvenile permits (trachinotus falcatus)


3 kg.. grouper