Saturday, 17 March 2012

people have dumped thousands of waste such as rubbish,
chemicals & sewage in the universe's oceans, since ages ago

tides carry the waste away out of sight but
it still harms marine creatures

fish need clean water full of oxygen to breathe

raw sewage looks & smell horrible when it washes back on to
beaches. it also contains harmful bacteria that cause disease
plus disgusting virus!

rubbish often sinks to the sea bed, where ocean creatures can be
tangled. it also washes up on beaches, where it harm birds & animals

cruise ships produce 5000 litres of sewage & 30,000 litres of waste
water a day. legally, raw sewage can be dumped in the sea if the cruise
ships is more than 19 km from land

millions of litres of sewage are emptied into the ocean each year.
some of it is treated but a lot is raw!

coastal waters can be harmed by fertilizers, sewage,
chemicals emptied into the sea. extra nutrients caused by sewage
& fertilizers can increase bacteria growth. this uses up all the
oxygen in the water, so the fish surely die..

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia, yahoo, google, flickr & various data

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

prawn.. 10kg


gray snapper (lutjanus griseus)... bebarahan

sham & adi

ali, nur, imah & nana