Thursday, 29 October 2009

should you encounter tummy upset & hammering head, try 100 plus!

more info at

soda is to avoid sea sickness

lets fish..

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

5kg barramundi

our nite trip : psb (pengkalan si babau) - pulau keingaran - pulau cermin - pudak - pulau si bungur - psb

6 mangrove jack, 1 grouper

caught in total..
1 barramundi, 6 mangrove jack, 2 grouper, 1 sembilang & 1 tabana

zuk alamrox, zimin pudak, haz alamrox, azimCF, abgCF & hafiCF

couldn't stop laughing due to zuk alamrox's funny stories

we figure-out that past 3 weeks numerous mangrove jack were caught by anglers throughout brunei darussalam. in august & september were barramundi! croxfiber can't wait for november & december of hidden treasures in brunei bay.. insallah
lets fish.. game on!

Monday, 26 October 2009

is climate change truly occurring?

Yes! In February 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported to the United Nations that the Earth’s climate system is undoubtedly getting warmer

According to the Climate Impacts Group at the University of Washington, the average annual temperature in the Pacific Northwest rose by 1.5° F in the 20th century and is expected to rise 0.5° F per decade in the first half of the 21st century

The graph below shows the global annual temperature change since 1880. Even with variation over the years, the general trend is clearly upward. Some cooler temperatures in recent years have prompted people to ask if there is now a global cooling trend, but as the graph shows, even several years of cooling doesn’t mean a long-term warming trend is over

The land-ocean temperature index combines data on air temperatures over land with data on sea surface temperatures. (“Mean” is the midpoint between the highest and lowest.) The black line shows the annual changes; the red line tracks 5-year periods. Source: NASA Goddard institute for Space Studies (January 11, 2008)

Although specific, individual events can’t be directly linked to global warming, the IPCC has noted many indications of climate change around the world:

  • Retreating mountain glaciers on all continents

  • Thinning ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic
  • Rising sea level – about 6-7 inches in the 20th century
  • More frequent heavy precipitation events (rainstorms, floods or snowstorms) in many areas
  • More intense and longer droughts over wider areas, especially in the tropics and subtropics

lets fish? game on??
ask ourselves.. what could we do in order to save.. 4W
world? water? weather? wrongdoer? & ...
who? where? when? what?

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

surface fishing is about making noise! that is exactly what fishing with a popper will do!

poppers mimic prey chugging across the top of the water

if fished right, this can lure fish from far away and trigger explosive strikes

fishing with poppers takes patience, but it can be exciting when something goes after your bait

how to use popper in fishing?
spet 1 - use a heavy monofilament line. this will give more buoyancy to the lure. cast the bait and wait a few seconds after it hits the water. watch the rings on the surface of the water as they spread away from your lure. let them extend 5 or 6 feet before starting your retrieve

tuna, caught with yo-zuri popper lure

step 2 - pop the bait with a quick jerk, pulling it a few feet closer to you. the pop is what attracts the fish. the commotion on the surface of the water lets the fish know that food is nearby and that it may be injured

step 3 - pause again as the rings spread and watch for a strike on your lure. if you see it twitch, something is interested in your popper

step 4 -repeat Steps 2, 3 and 4 and watch the bait during the pause. as with other lures, fish will strike your popper during the pause. always be ready to set the hook, or your fish might spit out your lure before you get a chance to snag it. reel in a slack line between twitches so that you're ready to catch the fish when it strikes

step 5 -make the popper mimic a baitfish fleeing a predator. use a steady retrieve to pull the popper across the surface of the water, creating a wake behind it. this technique may work if your "pop and pause" technique doesn't

step 6 - try different colors. fish can see contrasts against the sky and water. if you're not getting bites, the fish might not be able to see your popper

game on.. lets fish!

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Monday, 19 October 2009

for sure that number told us of his age!
tiga biskal asli dari laut kepunyannya hahaha

thanks to brunei shell helix..

our spot was at galeri bumbung 12 area (12 roofs gallery) which's famous for barramundi, magrove jack, grouper, sting ray & star trek hehehehe

caught & released of 200g & below of sea creatures, one of the rules of croxfiber-anglers

due to heavy sky juice down-poured, we rushed to a nearby jetty

zuk alamrox, kubak fs krew & abgCF were just loosen up for couple of hours

batik kah seluar ahhh hehehe.. suka bunga bunga ke? aloha!

numerous lane snapper (ketambak), 1 gulama & 1 langut caught & released

in action or game fish missing in action hehehehe

priority rules as human beings..
jagalah kebersihan - keep it clean