Tuesday, 27 October 2009

5kg barramundi

our nite trip : psb (pengkalan si babau) - pulau keingaran - pulau cermin - pudak - pulau si bungur - psb

6 mangrove jack, 1 grouper

caught in total..
1 barramundi, 6 mangrove jack, 2 grouper, 1 sembilang & 1 tabana

zuk alamrox, zimin pudak, haz alamrox, azimCF, abgCF & hafiCF

couldn't stop laughing due to zuk alamrox's funny stories

we figure-out that past 3 weeks numerous mangrove jack were caught by anglers throughout brunei darussalam. in august & september were barramundi! croxfiber can't wait for november & december of hidden treasures in brunei bay.. insallah
lets fish.. game on!


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