Thursday, 29 April 2010

amberjack! (kingfish / aji aji)

uncle cpt sulaiman's so happy, 3kg snapper

drift fishing is on...

oooo la laaa

good catch!
kerisi bali.. makin basar nyaman kali ahh di makan isinya brrr

deman & jewfish (grouper species), joe's strolling...

bab with his catch.. 19 kg!

nice tounge.. g-pe loves it! brrrr manissss

deman loves 509 feet.. deep sea fishing.. feel it!

pol & 5kg snapper..we never jig nor popping

41 kg of amberjack.. feel it! brrr

croxfiber would say Kanchang Lai are 'expert' anglers, on top of that they're very friendly & fancy to assist / share numerous fishing tips... they respect people all walks of life as well.. Lets Fish! game on.. feel it! brrr... manisss hahahahaaaaaa

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

the engine washer look likes earphones hahaha

naked engine of yamaha 2 strokes 60 enduro

enduro? the term enduro often applies to any type of long distance...

engine washer is on.. g-pe of KanchangLai is about to taste the water saltiness , once it's gone.. the engine will be smiling

fish traps

zimin pudak, khairul, asyraf & g-peKL

g-peKL - hello.. hello.. yes.. croxfiber got 1 boat 23" & KanchangLai got 2 boats.. 28" & 31", we work as one team.. yaa.. yaa... ok..ok..
zimin pudak - hope anglers will ve fun with us, insallah
asyraf - where should i spray the grease?
abgCF - engine's starter please, brrr hahaha

abgCF - croxfiber boat will cover muara zone & sometimes binturan watercourse
g-peKL - KanchangLai will be at drop off & above
zimin pudak - strict condition, anglers aint allowed to bring along their gps for numerous factor

we utilize these grease to stay stronger

Saturday, 24 April 2010

KanchamgLai & croxfiber trip to drop off ended with a low tide at jerudong base

stuck on you... oooo tyres

then..broken! brrrrrrr

ucsKL - assalamualikum haji ibrahim.. are u in town? can u assist us please...
haji ibrahim - waalaikumsalam, i'll be there in 5 mintutes
ucsKL - alhamdulillah, tnx
... brrr hehehe

haji ibrahin's a member of the brunei 4wd association came to the rescue

du1 (in white, croxfiber called him as mangrove jack's king) just got back from shahbandar for his routine jungle tracking.. happened to be on the beach & lent us his helping hands too, thank you raja ungah!

accomplished! brrrr

haji ibrahim.. the sweet fella! thank you

membangan 2. 9 kg (part of snapper family i.e. lutjanus campechanus) & keratang / jewfish 8.7 kg (part of grouper species i.e. epinephelus itajana)

g-peKL was happy & started to dance on the sand.. mannisss hahahaha... brrrr hahahaha

b4 we go, a boat could not sail off due to the low tide, babKL rushed & his strong arms managed to make them in high spirit...

whoever needs assistance.. do support them.. the fun in togetherness & friendship should to be cherished, life is all about people.. as to rephrase it.. anglers help one another to expand understanding, gain skill, achieve comradeship & a must of having positive mindset, insallah Lets Fish! game on.. feel it.. manissss... brrrrr

Friday, 23 April 2010

hafiCF with his simond (expert rod 4' 6") and shimano 2500 series reel

feel it hafiCF!

gs parado.. sleepy mood hahaha

isa & mangrove jack

abgCF got 1 too at ujnung pelumpong zone

mangrove jacks & zimin pudak

fun to catch lutjanus analis (bebrahan) when they form large shcools that swim close to the bottom over rocky ground

nice watch.. the casio fishfinder

bebrahan, (mutton snapper) & mangrove jack

01.00 hours, time to pack.. Gumbir striked!

good rocky game fish..