Wednesday, 21 October 2009

surface fishing is about making noise! that is exactly what fishing with a popper will do!

poppers mimic prey chugging across the top of the water

if fished right, this can lure fish from far away and trigger explosive strikes

fishing with poppers takes patience, but it can be exciting when something goes after your bait

how to use popper in fishing?
spet 1 - use a heavy monofilament line. this will give more buoyancy to the lure. cast the bait and wait a few seconds after it hits the water. watch the rings on the surface of the water as they spread away from your lure. let them extend 5 or 6 feet before starting your retrieve

tuna, caught with yo-zuri popper lure

step 2 - pop the bait with a quick jerk, pulling it a few feet closer to you. the pop is what attracts the fish. the commotion on the surface of the water lets the fish know that food is nearby and that it may be injured

step 3 - pause again as the rings spread and watch for a strike on your lure. if you see it twitch, something is interested in your popper

step 4 -repeat Steps 2, 3 and 4 and watch the bait during the pause. as with other lures, fish will strike your popper during the pause. always be ready to set the hook, or your fish might spit out your lure before you get a chance to snag it. reel in a slack line between twitches so that you're ready to catch the fish when it strikes

step 5 -make the popper mimic a baitfish fleeing a predator. use a steady retrieve to pull the popper across the surface of the water, creating a wake behind it. this technique may work if your "pop and pause" technique doesn't

step 6 - try different colors. fish can see contrasts against the sky and water. if you're not getting bites, the fish might not be able to see your popper

game on.. lets fish!

credits: various onfo


  1. Anonymous said...
    Me suka popper yang ada bulu, pink lagi tu..

    Yellow with green polka popper remind of something. No wonder lady angler ada rasa malu2 when popping..:)

    good post CFL
    Mancing Gembira said...
    popper pada pic yg pertama unik tuh, merek apa yah? Thx
    abg.CF said...
    salam mancing gembira,
    yang tu mini pop popper, u bole dapat info selanjut kat
    tnx bro!
    abg.CF said...
    tnx for ur post anonymous suka popper yang ada bulu ;o)

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