Monday, 8 March 2010

sof alamrox & zul pudak were excited to witness luxury cruise vacation from regent seven seas cruises entering brunei darussalam's bay

sof alamrox, zul puak, hafiCF, zuk alamrox & abgCF were at muara drop off (nearly 400 ft), unfortunately aint single sea creatures 're hooked. with a sudden wwaaakkkk..ouukkkk somebody was hit by sea sickness (ada orang muntah bahh hehehe). hence, we went to muara putus & someone got heat stroked (fanninggg ia.. ampai ampai hahaha). what a day!

inorder to avoid any sickness, we simply off to pudak & sof alamrox was happy with his 1st catch (jangan muntah lagi hahaha & bapanya zuk alamrox lah yang ampai ampai.. paning yaa banggg)

lane snapper, his 2nd catch!

lane snapper (lutjanus synagris) - little snapper is identified by its pink & yellow stripes, the black edge of its tail fin & the large spot on each side between the dosal fin & the lateral line

although it usually weighs less than 1 lb (454 g), it's popular with anglers because it can be caught from piers & the shore.. good to eat!

for reference only, the size comparison & family hierarchy of snappers i.e. lane snappers (max less 454 g) then become gray snapper (max 10 lb, 4.54 kg), mutton snapper (max 5 - 10 lb, 2.27 - 4.54 kg), river roman (8 lb 13 oz, 4 kg), red snapper (35 lb, 16 kg) and cubera snapper (weight over 126 lb, 57 kg with a length 5ft)

credits: flickr/ the new encyclopedia of fishing/ numerous data


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