Tuesday, 23 March 2010

uncle cpt sulaiman (UCS), g-pe, hafiCF, pol, bab & hanz speed off to kuala baram..

0815 hrs: assyukurillah the first bubu managed to catch grouper, snapper, kerisi bali & kapas kapas
0920 - 1000 hrs: our 2nd & 3rd bubu not too bad

1045 - 1345 hrs:drift fishing begin.. numerous kerisi bali with good sizes

1415 hrs: aji aji (king fish) 12 kg was dancing with bab's fishing rod.. game on, lets fish!
1505 hrs: UCS got two hits! unfortunately 120 lb leader ran into pieces, perhaps 20 kg king fish.. feel it!

1515 hrs: hafiCF was bullied hahaha. simply bcoz he was toying with spinning reel & rod. hence, bab lent him ocea jigger (overhead rod & spool) hehehee, cheers bab setia kawan bro

1525 hrs: pol got king fish 12 kg

1540 hrs: the 3rd king fish hooked!

1600 hrs: off to jerudong due to brutal weather

UCS, uncle cpt sulaiman.. santai yaa banggg

aint many fish were snapped due to aquatic-shutterbug abgCF unavail for the trip. croxfiber was told he checked in at junjong bed & breakfast hehehee

- overhead reel & rod of p 4 to 8 should be the toy
- 500 ft depth
- bajau's style of 3 to 4 hooks
- minimum line of 80 lb (braided is advisable)
- leader of 100 lb & above
- saltwater weight / sinker of 600 g to 1.5 kg
- hooks size 7 & above
- umpan jangan pakai tulang ayam hahahaha


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