Friday, 12 March 2010


introduced by kryston in 1988 the radical hooklink material took the fish angling market by storm. braid is a strong, supple, non-stretch material made from woven man-made fibers!

with incredible strength compared to their diameter, it was the suppleness of the material that first attracted fish anglers! this allows the hookbait to act very naturally underwater

however, braid doesn't sink as well as mono & is prone to tangling..


with a light refractivity index similar to water, fluorocarbon is almost invisible to sea creatures!

it offers excellent anti-ejection properties & is very fast sinking. its only disadvantage is that it doesn't knot as well as mono, braid or coated braid..

it is available in stiff & limp versions for a variety of different rig presentations

coated braid

this sees a soft braided line covered in athin plastic coating. this stiffens the braid & makes it far less likely to tangle on the cast..

part of the coating can be removed near the hook to allow the hookbait to have greater movement on the soft braid core

the better known coated braids include kryston's snake-bite, nash's missing link, fox cortex, pallatrax steam link & koda's hybird

credits: the best of UKCarp/ flickr/ numerous info


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