Monday, 1 March 2010

uncle os (oujan senior)

spoon (hook for trolling).. specially brought from
the kingdom of bahrain

hafiCF, oj, haz alamrox, uncle os & abgCF off to serasa, ujung muara & ujung pelumpong

haz alamrox - how's the actual sea life scenario in bahrain, uncle?
uncle os - the government breed various kind of fish, once they are about half kg or more, those fish will be freed to the sea. thousands of fish at bahrain's bay for anglers & fishermen
hafiCF - hehehe at the moment dont be surpised aint many fish in muara zone, may be it's time for the authority do beef up something
abgCF - lets pray & hope for the best, insallah

game on.. lets fish!

father & son.. in good spirit when come to fishing!


serasa zone


grouper 2kg

barracuda 2.3 kg

mj! 2.1 kg.. mangrove jack.. feel it!

oj & uncle os...nice gulf air cap uncle hehehe


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