Thursday, 4 March 2010

anglers have a huge choice of hooklink lines, here's what they do..


mono is not very popular as a hooklength these days, although it should not be overlooked!

it has high knot strength!

low visibility..

it also relaitively cheap & good abrasion resistance..

special braids

shockleaders are lengths of heavy line attached to the end of the main reel line & generally made from braid, although there are also mono versions. they take the sting out of powerful casts & make the casting of heavy leads or spods safe

they can also be used as hooklengths where there are hazards like sharp swan mussed shells that would make short work of lighter lines

nash triggalink is woven with pva which contracts & become elastic when wet, making it hard for fish to eject

credits: the best of UKCarp/ flickr/ numerous info


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