Monday, 16 November 2009

destination reached!

oj with mj

mj...michael jordan? hehehee

mangrove jack at sungai bangau

bangau/ stork/ crane bird (sungai - river)

"ok ok ok.. you can get your live prawn bait tonite.. i'm at pelumpong zone now" right hand on the phone, left hand to get the anchor.. it shows he's got responsibility & commitment to tackle. business is is fun! so far he never let us down by words, attitude & action..

assyukurillah.. thank you gs parado!

abgCF -oj, are you ok?
hafiCF - panas? hot?

oj - i'm from bahrain.. the desert even worst! we only get rain once or twice a year
haz alamrox - banar bahh (reallyyy)

rock monument in bahrain
gs parado - faham ia bahasa melayu kan ? (does he understand malay language?)
oj - auw faham sikit sikit (yes i understand abit)

striked! croxfiber's obligation - who is next to him, should get a fishnet!

haz alamrox - it's a thrill to net a fish
abgCF - a skill should apply to do the netting

tips: fish is alarmed by the obvious landing net! let the net rim well submerged / keep the net low in the water (tenggalamkan dengan sempurna) before it reach us.. when the fish is played out, it should be drawn over a fully submerged net & lift the net out of the water

anjun or multi-hooked (azz as in persian) so lucky.. the tail's caught & hooked!

african pompano (alectis ciliaris), known as daimond trevally / tawih

cute lips & nice big eye! forehead is sexy too hehehe

game fish!

croxfiber's attire


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