Tuesday, 10 November 2009

dorood.. salaam..hello

bahrain is the arabic term for two seas, referring to the freshwater springs that are found within the salty seas surrounding it

bahrain is sometimes described as "middle east lite" because it combines modern infrastructure with an arabian gulf identity and, unlike other countries in the region, its prosperity is not solely a reflection of the size of its oil wealth, but is also related to the creation of an indigenous middle class

best time to visit bahrain is november-march, with october & april being just bearable. be sure to take along a sweater during december-march as evenings can be cool. bahrain's summer, which is from may-september, is very hot and humid, though occasional cool northerly winds blow to provide some relief. more frequent are the qaws, the hot, dry summer winds that can bring sandstorms

when can i fly to bahrain..ZzzZzz

come on fish.. if u aint here, i 'll use croxfiber's boat.. off to bahrain tomorrow hehehe

good catch haz alamrox!

no longer zZz on the platform! kubak fs krew is smiling now.. flying off to the kingdom of the two seas is in his wishing list insallah hehehehe

2 barramundi & bebarahan (gray snapper / lutjanus griseus)

size 10 slipper..

oj from bahrain with his mangrove jack at sungai bunga & pudak zones as croxfiber's guest

abgCF - what's your best catch in bahrain?
oj - shark! we had to drag it from the ocean to the main shore
zul pudak - do u have piranha there?

abgCF - hahaha those fish 're in the amazon.. mostly in south america rivers & venenzuelan rivers
haz alamrox - since u're a frequent angler.. what sort of fish do u normally hooked in bahrain?
oj - grouper, king fish, barracuda, queen fish & red snapper

abgCF - i fancy to fish there.. insallah
oj - if we're boating.. got to register our name & the boat at the main coast.. upon reaching each bouy (checkpoint) just simply tell the sea guard the name of the boat.. it's fun to fish in bahrain

kubak fs krew - how's the weather like?
oj - it can reach up to 42 degrees.. but it could be cold sometimes too

ps - what language do you speak?
oj - persian (farsi), english & arabic

gabba (kerikan) used in the kingdom of bahrain

ps - do they've horse kebab?

oj - haha..we dont eat those meat, mongolian for sure hahaha

sharing the tips.. brunei & bahrain
tashakkor.. ba`dan mibinamet thank you.. see you

bahrain's huge fish at nite

angler from bahrain with his quality catch!
game on.. lets fish!

credits: wikipedia.org/ flickr/ wikihow.com/ various sources

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    bahrain & brunei sound similar, persian & malay sound interesting

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