Friday, 13 November 2009

haz alamrox & abgCF were zZzz.. then there was an explosion, haz alamrox's everlast cap flew hey-wired, abgCF's everlast wind breaker knocked-out from the wooden bench! oooo the bell' re hammering, the rod made a special C shape! we simply got up like a firefighter & rush to the spot.. haz alamrox managed to get hold of his rod & abgCF was ready with a fishnet!
croxfiber's obligation - whoever got a hit! a person next to him must get a fishnet

nice hair after the fight & zZzz hahahaha

gumbir! (we aint sure is it known as rock bass or ..., please correct us dear anglers), eventho it's small.. the way gumbir danced & fought.. similar to barramundi! should it be a rock bass (amblopliters rupestris), it's a game fish!
rock bass - the mottled, dark olive rock bass has distinctive red eyes & a large mouth, as well as a white or gold margin to the dark spot on its gill cover. It's most common in clear, rocky streams & rocky bottom vegetation. maximum weight is about 1.36 kg (3 lb)

shimano size 9 of abgCF.. mj size?

barra size?

his everlast cap's now well-placed hehehe

2 mangrove jack, 2 bebarahan (gray snapper / lutjanus griseus) 1 gumbir (rock bass / amblopliters rupestris) and barrrmunnndi!

abgCF was exercising.. hahaha

credits: the new encyclopedia of fishing/ numerous source


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