Tuesday, 3 November 2009

psb (pengkalan si babau) to ujung tamoi... simply cruising & refreshing old memories i.e just to check out the old takat (artificial reefs) that haven't been visited for ages

football socks?? n i c e hehehehe

*kampong air gallery of cultural & tourism
(*water village) sorry the image aint in good manner

learn from him how to inhale fresh galaxy with star trek hahaha ZzzzZzzz

ujung tamoi as to get live prawn bait

ready to transfer

700 live prawns that will be sold for 3 days by gs parado

haz alamrox in action

brunei arts & handicrafts training centre..famous for sting ray, barramundi, travelly, grouper, mangrove jack, lane snapper, flatfish & barracuda

fishfinder is part of angler's gear

gs parado used to be the brunei national's 4th goalkeeper in 1995-1998.. got to compete the jersey with yunos yusof, ibrahim bakar & jefri mohamed

the socks stay as sweet memories!
the socks help to avoid being attack by mosquitoes!

lurung sekuna as one of the best takat for quality fighting fish!

juz woke up! last time it was white.. now his watch is orange!

prize presentation hahahaha

luvly teeth.. sexy blue eye too hehehehe
whoever aint fallin' inluv with mangrove jack..will be a senseless angler!


  1. Anonymous said...
    salam, did the MJ fixed its teeth!!!! well placed...
    Anonymous said...
    i bet those teeth 're well scaling hahahaha

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