Sunday, 1 November 2009

(chh) chop hock heng, 289 beach road

g-loomis of usa products are chh's specialist
eric was entartaining us with his joyful spirits

yakub (x-singapore national's reserved goalkeeper, x-home united's goalkeeper coach in the singapore league) is abgCF best buddy and he's trying to look for something good

along the beach road

lure heaven, 10 bussorah street

davy ong & tall lady

that slim lady's busy fixing the phone line while abgCF's there, then she emerged.. she's tall & leggy! six footer i bet hahaha
, even davy said "hey.. tall lady assist abgCF to get his stuff ". numerous japanese anglers 're there too!

abgCF - dav, u're wearing casio watch with tide indicator?
davy - just moon phase..
abgCF - dont u know that new casio has fishing level mode?
davy - pardon?? is that new casio?
abgCF - it's new.. with moon data & fish indicator.. sort of fish finder!
davy - wow! i'll get more info about it.. tnx bro

hot spot, 56 kandahar street

good reels of japanese made 're available here!
jason.. i know u're hiding behind the see-thru cabinet of that green plant hehehe

uncle cheong in action.. most anglers in singapore are familiar with him

nice zone to relax along the street too..


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