Saturday, 22 January 2011


we will rock you! hahahaaaa

pak senan... cheerful


in the end, it wont matter how many friends you have
but how many really meant something to you

jefo's doing his best..


fried dry chili + eel would be yummy

feeding time..

sharptooth jobfish with hot curry


friends are like rainbows.. they brighten up your life
once you've been through a storm

bab aint wasting his time, preparing for drop offs accessories

the world is a tough place not to have a best friend

good friends are like shooting stars, you dont always see them
but you know they are always there


checking the fish farm nets

cute otters

flying tree lizard

friendship.. it's not about the ones who act true to your face, it's about the ones who remain true behind your back

biawak (water lizard/ goannas/ monitor lizard), ovaranus bengalensis species are protected under the wildlife protection act

free style jumping down

wild baby monkey

mangrove snake.. lovely texture & colors

loosen up..

proboscis monkey

mangrove ants

fake friends are like shadows, always near you at the brightest moments, but no where to be seen at your darkest hour


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