Wednesday, 26 January 2011

phil - it's a lovely day in Sydney
zuk - kayaking?
phil - fun & santai bro
(santai - loosen up)
croxfiber -
once the blueish scenario is inhaled, anxiety.. gust-away

bonito is like mackerel (tengeri) and tuna, belong to the scombridae family. fast-swimming predators that feed on squid & small schooling fish, taken just below the surface

techniques - trolling & spinning, baits - plugs, spoons, plastic squid, whole or cut squid & fish

phil brown is a senior producer at stellar inflight & whenever santai time resurface, he'll be a stern game-fisho!.. it's understood he'll be in brunei in due course & attempts to feel the tengeri hahahaaaa

australian bonito (sarda australis) normally found in the waters off norfolk island, southeast australia & new zealand

the stripes on its sides are almost horizontal rather than ablique like those of the atlantic & pacific species and they are also present along the belly. it grows to a maximum weight of about 10 kg (22 lb)


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