Saturday, 10 July 2010

baby sharptooth snapper

kerisi (baby sharptooh snapper)

michael reilly, chief operating officer, stellar inflight, sydney, australia was croxfiber's guest at muara zone

with a sudden there was a splash!

hahahaha he's enjoying himself at 43 ft depth

i feel good... my next trip to brunei, i would apply the sun block & bring along my gears!

michael - croxfiber fishos.. please come to sydney we'll fish at numerous good reefs
zuk - it has been in my mind for ages
abgCF - game on mike!
haz - count me in!
hafiCF - me too!
zimin - belajar tah ku cakap english ni dulu hahaha (got to learn how to speak english now.. hahaha)

zimin.. lane snapper

zuk & michael, two cheerful inflight entertainments buddies .. anxiety 're gone whenever you touchdown on the bluish scenario hehehehe


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