Monday, 19 July 2010

oj - assalamualaikum abgCF, did u get my email?
abgCF - walaikumsalam bro, yes! those creatures 're amazing
oj - bahrain's ocean products hahaha
abgCF - fancy to be there, should time permit
oj - insyallah, anytime...


so yummy.. fresh.. eye catching!

abgCF - send my salam to your dad
oj - will do
abgCF - when is he coming to brunei darussalam again?
oj - aint sure yet bro
abgCF - tell him.. his next trip.. we would sail to drop off or kuala baram zone insallah
oj - certainly.. wow! feel it...

oooo dear.. so incredible!

fish trap did some trick too

his mom would be happy to steam those sea-mortal

amberjack / kingfish

remarkable handline had caught numerous of them too!


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