Saturday, 24 July 2010

leopard toadfish (opsanus pardus) has a large flat head & a big mouth with fleshy projections around it. spend most of the time under a rock or crevice & feed on mollusks & crustaceans

butterfly fish (chaetodon capistratus).. known as the four-eye fish & do mating for life, therefore you will often see two of them romantically together

jackkhnife fish (equetus lanceolatus)

lingcod (ophiodon elongates)

queen angelfish

bat rays (myliobatis californica)are truly graceful creatures & normally are 4 to 5 feet across but have been reported with 'wingspans' of 8 feet! they live up to 24 years & are armed with a defensive barb on the end of their tail. feamle bat rays are faster & grow longer than males

scrawled cowfish (lactophrys quadricornis), a member of boxfish family

smooth trunk fish (lactophrys triqueter)

woof-eels (anarrhichthys ocellatus) have powerful jaws for crushing bivalves

codfish.. so pinksih! cute eyes too..

credits: livescience & various data


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