Monday, 10 May 2010

our home made sinker / weight (800 g)

sky juice's pouring heavily & abgCF could
feel the 'heat'

babKL.. game on


time to eat.. hanzKL's enjoying the chicken rice cooked by HERS KITCHEN (wife of abgCF's cooking class)

g-peKL's having nasi lemak of HERS KITCHEN

while everybody's consuming yummy lunch, abgCF's toying with his own formula...

4.1 kg

the secret was....GULP!

200 x 200 = vrrooomm.. brrr hahaha

g-peKL - wow! it works well...
abgCF - just fancy trying new things...
hanzKL - where to get it bro?
abgCF - avail at deep blue fishing & lun fishing

deman - spray? perfume? hahahaa
haz alamrox - numerous fish love the scent of bits and pieces... some simply fancy the shiny or bright silvery colored bait, depends on the scenario of the watercourses

abgCF - u could spray at lure too.. even the sinker/weight as to attract the fish... flocking to us, insallah
g.peKL - can i spray... my armpit too (ketiak)?
deman - hahahaha.. ba bau tu, basamut balalat tia hahahaa (damn smelly!... ants & flies will love u!) hahahaha

another hit!

drag on...

5.1 kg

ZzzZZZ.. guess who? makan nasi lamak ia tadi hehehe, ketiak atu jangan di spray pakai GULP!.. hahahaha

deman believes in double peace on earth..
sea and the sky.. brrr


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