Wednesday, 19 May 2010

new shade's ready to be utilized..

g.peKL, deman, zimin pudak & hanzKL were there to lend their hands

menganyam ya bangg..hehehee

lunch time... babKL, hafiCF, halim & kubak fs krew came along to assist

stainless steel rod stand... vital for anglers & looked so fine...

kubak fs krew & babKL're discussing about multiplay reels & rods of jigging master, shimano, expert & fin-nor

zimin pudak & deman were sweating & working so hard

abgCF - i was shocked, you all..simply came in & text me 'wz up, bro?'
g.peKL - the hearts speak for themselves..
deman - life is all about togetherness.. normally people in trouble will call his friend but once he's having a good time.. that friend will be forgotten
hafiCF - remember the good bit than the negative side of someone inorder to be a gentleman
babKL - friendship aint about fishing only.. rain or shine we're united as one, physically & mentally.. insallah

part of the shade stand 're required to be pulled by our 4w drive..

hanzKL - alhmadulillah.. bits & pieces would teach us to be a good human being as taught by Rasulullah SAW
kubak fs krew - fish..angler ' re fun but friendship is much superior!
zimin pudak - sincerity.. when someone introduce you or show you a fine scenario, please remember him for life, especially about iman, islam & Rasulullah SAW descendants


thank you for your friendship & willing to make the boat so stunning, assyukurillah

that's what friends 're for..

(siapa bilang gue calon president? - who says i'm goona be the president's candidate?) wow! brrrr... hahahaaaa
should you need to achieve a target.. teamwork is a must! two heads are better than one head...


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