Tuesday, 4 May 2010

g-peKL wouldn't be left out

rain or shine.. game on, lets fish!

haz alamrox broke the silence, 3 hooks with 2 groupers caught.. his 1st trip with KanchangLai

deman's a sweet fella, willing to assist haz alamrox

2nd hit!

awat awat...
trip to egret & fairley zones - g.peKL, haz alamrox, babKL, deman, hanzKL & abgCF, we were sprayed by weighty rain & fierce wind as well as muscular waves but it never diminished our spirit to feel the natural scenario, the experience was superior than anything...

feel it! his 3rd strikeeeeeeeeeeeeed

membangan 4.4 kg (snapper species)

relax bro..i got the feeling tooooo... brrrr

6 kg

sexy pinkish red vs chubby pinkish red

haz alamrox, hanzKL & deman 're sorting out 60 lb & 65 lb of braided lines that went hey wired

leader lines of 90 lb & 100 lb 're 'helicoptered' too hahaha brrr.. menganyam ya bangg

286 feet...

g-peKL.. manissss.. feel it!
ada gaya aku atu kah bro - g.peKL
up saja ikan atu ..mudahan mudahan 3 kg - abgCF

1.001 kg besar nye ikan mu hahaha

egret & fairley zones, part 2... coming soon!

babKL - ada formula baru dipakai abgCF
haz alamrox - hehehe.. sukses jua olehnya
deman - teknik baru yaaa banngg.. brrr
hanzKL - liat saja tia nanti
g.peKL - innovation!


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