Tuesday, 13 April 2010

inaction with his weapon

fingers play vital role with his shimano 5000 ocea jigger reel

his rod is ares of expert graphite, pe 4-8, max drag 25 kg & max wg 350 g

feel it!

been to the sea since he's 13 years of age

braided line berkley 65 lb..
normally his priority choice

*deep see fish would bolt out the cute eyes & fancy to let its tongue out due to the underwater pressure.. tabulahak kali bah waktu dinaikan hahahaha

grouper 9.1 kg
sangal ku menanai ehh... udah kah? hahahaa

g-pe KanchangLai is a real joker, kind heart, love to share fishing tips & manis hahaha [*manis - sweet]

(he told croxfiber that friendship should be cherished & should one make mistake, do our best to forgive & forget, insallah.. jangan ambil hati bah hahaha.. maduuu maduuu senyumnya manis..semanis madu membuat hati selalu rindu... maduuu madu orangnya manis semanis madu cinta ku suci hanya untuk mu hahakekeke)


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