Thursday, 29 April 2010

amberjack! (kingfish / aji aji)

uncle cpt sulaiman's so happy, 3kg snapper

drift fishing is on...

oooo la laaa

good catch!
kerisi bali.. makin basar nyaman kali ahh di makan isinya brrr

deman & jewfish (grouper species), joe's strolling...

bab with his catch.. 19 kg!

nice tounge.. g-pe loves it! brrrr manissss

deman loves 509 feet.. deep sea fishing.. feel it!

pol & 5kg snapper..we never jig nor popping

41 kg of amberjack.. feel it! brrr

croxfiber would say Kanchang Lai are 'expert' anglers, on top of that they're very friendly & fancy to assist / share numerous fishing tips... they respect people all walks of life as well.. Lets Fish! game on.. feel it! brrr... manisss hahahahaaaaaa


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