Tuesday, 27 April 2010

the engine washer look likes earphones hahaha

naked engine of yamaha 2 strokes 60 enduro

enduro? the term enduro often applies to any type of long distance...

engine washer is on.. g-pe of KanchangLai is about to taste the water saltiness , once it's gone.. the engine will be smiling

fish traps

zimin pudak, khairul, asyraf & g-peKL

g-peKL - hello.. hello.. yes.. croxfiber got 1 boat 23" & KanchangLai got 2 boats.. 28" & 31", we work as one team.. yaa.. yaa... ok..ok..
zimin pudak - hope anglers will ve fun with us, insallah
asyraf - where should i spray the grease?
abgCF - engine's starter please, brrr hahaha

abgCF - croxfiber boat will cover muara zone & sometimes binturan watercourse
g-peKL - KanchangLai will be at drop off & above
zimin pudak - strict condition, anglers aint allowed to bring along their gps for numerous factor

we utilize these grease to stay stronger


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