Monday, 2 July 2012

coral reefs are found in warm seas, where the water is shallow & there's plenty of light

coral will grow only in clean water (free from pollution)

most coral reefs are found in the indian & pacific oceans, the caribbean & the red sea. they aint found where there're cold ocean currents or where large rivers flow into the sea

sunlight is a must for corals... simply they have tiny algae called zooxanthellae in their cells. these algae use the sunlight to make their own food

the algae will furnish the corals with food. in return, they get shelter & protection

some coral reefs are close to the shore are exposed when the tide goes out

the exposed coral is then damaged by the sun & the wind

the great barrier reef is the world's larger coral reef. it runs along the northeast coast of australia & is 2,500 km long

almost 6,000 different species species of animal live on this reef

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia/google/numerous info


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