Friday, 22 June 2012

coral reefs are fragile habitats that are easily damaged

they are under threat from global warming...

water pollution & over-fishing

they survive in warm seas but if the temperature increases, the organisms living in the corals leave & the corals turn white and die (known as bleaching)

in order for us to creating the new reefs... ship wrecks are soon covered in corals & other reef animals. new reefs can be created by sinking old ships, cars & tanks in warm & shallow water

making a new home... the squirrel fish is hiding in a pipe on an artificial reef. the rough surfaces help sponges & coral s to become attached

take it seriously...

clearing reefs... like beaches, coral reefs can be covered in rubbish

divers can help to conserve the reefs by removing plastic bags

glass bottles, cans & other rubbish

the world's largest artificial reef was created...

when the aircraft carrier uss oriskany...

was sunk off the coast of florida in 2006

uss oriskany.. now

a motorbike on the wreck of ss thistlegorm in the red sea

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia/google/squidoo/numerous info


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