Tuesday, 28 February 2012

the polar ice spreads over much of the arctic (north pole) &
southern oceans (antarctica). many animals spend their lives
under the ice!

ice fish live in the deep, cold waters around antarctica, where they
feed on krill & plankton. the grow slowly & live for up to 20 years

they are caught to be eaten but sadly, too many have been
taken from the ocean & they are now rare

arctic jellyfish has long tentacles which can extend
for up to 6 meters.
scientists exploring under the ice have
discovered new forms of marine life, including arctic jellyfish.
these large jellyfish feed on plankton & small fish

arctic cod like ice water & are not often seen in warmer water.
they grow to 30 cm long & are the favorite food of narwhals
& other arctic whales

arctic narwhals

cute snowy color... arctic whales

the sea butterfly is a type of mollusc without a shell

it has 2 flops or wings attached to its body, which it uses to move
through the water. it feeds on copepods & plankton

ice fish have special chemical in their blood to stop water
from freezing in their body. it's so called because it looks
as though it's made of ice

narwhals... so scary creatures

skillful arctic whales.. O.. O..

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia, yahoo, google, flickr & various data


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