Wednesday, 15 February 2012

human beings have lived in the arctic (north pole) from numerous
generations & others such as scientists, have move there to work

the only people who live in the antarctic (south pole) are scientists!

hunters spend many weeks on the arctic ice hunting for food

they build a domed shelter, called an igloo, from blocks of ice

it is warm inside the igloo as the ice traps body heat

many scientists are based in the arctic & antarctic, studying the animals
& the polar environment
. weddell seal would be caught & tagged so that
they can track its movement

in the past, native people such as the inuit relied on the sea for food
& on animals skins to make clothes. they cut up & dried fish so it
could be eaten all winter, when the sea was frozen & impossible
to fish..

the polar waters are full of fish. throughout the summer months,
when the ice melts, numerous fishing boats sail into the region.
shellfish such as crabs & prawns, squid & fish will be on target!

about 4,000 scientists live in the antarctic during the summer
but fewer than 1,000 spend the long, cold winter...

native people, inuit.. young genarations

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia, yahoo, google, flickr & various data


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