Thursday, 6 October 2011

estuaries & deltas form where rivers flow into the ocean. believe it or not.. here, the fresh water of the river mixes with the salt water of the ocean

the nile delta lies at the mouth of the river nile in egypt. over thousands of years, the river has dropped large amounts of mud. this mud has bulit up into low-lying land with lots of channels of water leading out to sea

as a river gets close to the sea, it gets wider & wider, hence starts to weave about in a large bends called meanders (river bends)

the wide mouth of a river, where it neets the sea is known as estuary

some sea otters live in the shallow water of estuaries. they hunt for carbs, mussels & snails on the sea bed. they fancy to eat while floating on the surface of the water

the mud at a river mouth is full of worms & snails, which attract flocks of feeding birds

birds use their long beaks to find food in the mud

sea otters have the thickest fur of all animals. the fur insulates their bodies, keeping them warm while they swim in the cold water

tidor ya banggg... the sleeping beauty hahahaaaa

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia/ flickr/ various info


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