Thursday, 29 September 2011

why do seawater taste very salty?

simply because the water contains alot of dissolved salt. Humans cannot drink seawater as it will make you ill with immediate effect. however animals that live in the sea have ways of coping with the high levels of salt

the dead sea in the middle east is 10 times saltier than in the ocean

a person can float on the surface & wont be sinking as the salty water is heavier than normal water and pushes harder against objects floating in it

a special gland above its eyes that make albatross able to consume salt water. the gland takes the extra salt from the bird's body & get rid of it in a salty liquid that drips from its nostrils

when salt water gathers in shallow ponds the water dries up, leaving large area of salt called salt pans. the salt is collected & used for cooking

preserved fish...

some of the salt in the seawater is made when rocks break down & from hot-water vents on the ocean floor

turtle have a salt gland behind their eyes. by getting rid of salt via their eyes, nostrils or tongue, turtle can live without much hassle

the jets of water are often nicknamed black smokers because they look balck. the temperature of the water reaches 400 degrees celsius. a chimney builds up around the jet, formed from minerals in the hot water (hot water come out of cracks in the sea bed)

volcanic eruptions under water also add salt to the ocean

nothing to do with salt water but the fish is salty hahaaaaaa

credits: my first ocean life encyclopedia/ flickr/ numerous data


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