Saturday, 6 August 2011

normally, strong winds has made any open areas too rough to effectively fish. no need to worry that much as there are two options: fish the few bays totally sheltered from the wind, or fish into the opposite bays with the wind at our backs

spinnerbaits are doubtless one of the weirdest
but most effective & productive lures!

three popular blades are willow, colorado and indiana

willow baits - long thin blade that tapers down to a pointed end.
it looks like a willow leaf, hence the name

this blade shape is ideal for reaching fish in deeper water as it has less resistance & allows for a faster sink rate. very effective when the fish are active, as a faster retieve will often trigger a bite

colorado blades - a shorter, much rounder blade which is commonly the 'secondary' blade on a spinnerbaits, usually found half way up the arm. the colorado will make a lot more vibration & flash in the water

ideal for fishing dirtier water or darker water areas
where extra vibration & flash will help fish find the lure

since the blade is slower fishing balde as the larger
movement & vibration means more resistance in the water

this is quite often a real bonus as a slower retrieve & leaving the lure in a fish's face for longer will have a better chance of enticing the strike from a shutdown fish

the colorado blade is also great when you want a spinnerbait to "helicopter" (this is when you let it sink staright down & allow the blades to sink like a helicopter as the lure sinks vertically; an ideal presentation for fishing structures such as cliff faces & standing timber

credits: dale johnson/ flickr/ various data


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