Sunday, 21 August 2011

indiana blades - mixture of the popular willow & colorado blades,
featuring a longer, thinner profile like the willow but rounded,
teardrop style finish like the colorado

this creates a very versatile blade encompassing features
of both other blades. the thinner, longer profile allows for
a less & faster presentation than the colorado, while the rounded
finish still produces slightly more flash & vibration than a willow

fishos should know that colour plays a vital role too

straight silver and gold are the two colours you'll mostly see
on a spinnerbaits but there are plenty of other options available
like copper & painted blades

back to basics to spin out, sliver is great for a subtle approach
line in clear water pr the middle of the day with a lot of light

gold will produce maximum flash in murky or deep water
or at low light times

ami 'the babe' with her spinnerbait plus the good catch!

credits: dale johnson/ flickr/ various data


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