Saturday, 2 July 2011

salmon contains strong levels of omega-3 fatty acids. salmon that lived in the wild have higher levels of omega-3 than farmed fish (the farmed fish often contain antibiotics and pesticides that could have a negative impact on your health). eating salmon regularly is an easy way to be proactive about protecting your heart health

herring has healthy omega-3 fatty acids. eating fish lowers risk of stroke, depression and keeps your brain sharp as you age. consuming herring some days instead of red meat helps you improve your overall health

tuna steaks and canned tuna fish also contain omega-3 fatty acids. canned albacore and chunk white tuna contain higher levels of healthy fat than light tuna. eating a tuna sandwich is a very easy way to make a heart-healthy meal

sardines provide a healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids. this fat decreases blood pressure & heart rate. it is easy to dice sardines into a salad, pasta, casserole, chili, wrap sandwich or to a bowl of chickpeas and vegetables. this tiny fish gives you an easy way to make a big improvement in heart health

just for your reference (fish & grams of omega-3 fatty acids): herring & sardines 1.3-2, spanish mackerel 1.1-1.7, salmon 1.1-1.9, halibut 0.60-1.12

tuna 0.21-1.1, swordfish 0.97, greenshell/ lipped mussels 0.95, tilefish 0.9

pollock 0.45, cod 0.15-024, catfish 0.22-0.3, flounder 0.48, grouper 0.23, mahi mahi 0.13, red snapper 0.29, shark 0.83, king mackerel 0.83, gemfish 0.4, blue eye cod 0.31, snapper 0.22, barramundi 0.1 & giant tiger prawn 0.1

lets fish! santai bro...

credits: wikipedia/ flickr/ various data


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