Tuesday, 19 July 2011

seeing double -the kingfisher produced a perfect mirror
image when it dived headfirst into the river

heading for the water!

silky diver...

feeding time...

barely causes a ripple as he dives into the water

kingfishers are generally shy birds, but in spite of this they feature heavily in human culture, generally due to their bright plumage or in some species interesting behavior. the sacred kingfisher, along with other pacific kingfishers, was venerated by the polynesians, who believed it had control over the seas and waves

it's extinct in singapore... the banded kingfisher (tree kingfisher) found in the lowland tropical forests of myanmar, thailand, cambodia, vietnam, laos, malaysia, indonesia, phlippines & brunei darussalam (asean countries)

for the dusun people of borneo, the oriental dwarf kingfisher is considered a bad omen and warriors that see one on the way to battle should return home

another bornean tribe consider the banded kingfisher an omen bird, albeit generally a good omen. halcyon, which gives its name to the family halcyonidae, is a mythical bird similar to the kingfisher

i'm the kingfisher bird... lets fish!

credits: dailymail.co.uk/ paul sawer/ wikipedia/ various info


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