Saturday, 11 June 2011

the tropical waters much more productive for anglers/ sportfishos than temperate seas. in addition to wreck, reef & bank fishing, tropical waters offer bottom & midwater fishing from small boats & the shore, sly fishing, inshore trolling, poling the flats & big-game fishing in the deep blue water beyond the edge of the shelf & dropoffs as well

light blue - polar seas, blue - temperate zones, purple - tropical waters

there are 5 types of tropical waters: (1) gullies, dropoffs & banks (2) coral flats (3) coral reefs (4) deep water & dropoffs (5) floating weed rafts

1. gullies, dropoffs & banks - act as out-of-the-tide resting places & areas into which food carried on the tide could settle. sea species are tarpon, stingrays, shark, amberjack, dolphinfish, crevalle jack & striped marlin. for large sand loving species are jack, bass & roosterfish, move into very shallow water, venturing almost onto the beaches

cubera snapper (sampriding laut/ membangan hitam)

2. coral flats - bonefish, small shark, barracuda & stringray are the principal coral flat species

3. coral reefs - small to medium-sized fish such as porgies, snappers & groupers congregate in large numbers over the offshore coral reefs. their distribution would be according to some degree on its depth & the biggest groupers are often found on the deepest parts. barracuda patrol the upper edges of the coral reef-dropoffs, while hammerhead & large shark species are main predators further down

4. deep water & dropoffs - best game species are sailfish & wahoo. whoever been to the blue water of the deep sea & ocean dropoffs, the sensational feeling could not be elaborated! kingfish, snapper, grouper, tuna, surfperch & seabream are normally waiting for you. syok bro.. ada feel!

5. floating weed rafts - mostly the fast-swimming big game species, such as marlin, wahoo, tuna, sailfish & dolphinfish


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