Sunday, 5 June 2011

one of the best dropoffs' table fish! normally, found in depths of 30 m (100 ft) or more. aint certain yet whether awat awat are species of snapper (lutjanidae family) or porgy & seabream (sparidae family)

game on at deep blue scenario, 100 km ++ from jerudong's base & sometime fish-sizes aint matter as long as it's fun & to dancing with table-fish would be very delightful!

bet you know red emperor (santak) very well.. beautiful sea creatures & so pleasurable to taste! expensive & exotic table fish as well!

sky..wind..sea..rain or shine..nothing really matters

should you intend to fry them, the scales are not supposed to be taken away but the stomach, gill rakers, intestine & gills should be removed. sometimes awat awat could produce yummy omega & delicious heart plus tasty liver!

too bad, they could only be hooked at dropoffs zone... feel it!


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