Friday, 6 May 2011

every gamefisho (angler) should try henry gibey's top ten decathlon for size to prove the physical mastery of fishing!
no: 1 - long jump

tarpon is one of the magnificent & just awesome sea creatures! numerous anglers fancy to chase them due to their combine electric bursts of speed with a jumping ability, that could almost have been designed pyurely to shed hooks & shatter egos.. and they keep on going!

most of the time, when you have convinced yourself that the fish really has to be tiring, only for them to come up, gulp some air & then snort off & jump again & again!

no: 2 - shot put

fishing for goliath groupers can be almost pointless when they get so massively big that nothing anybody can do will stop them!

but at more 'manageable' sizes, the goliath grouper
become huge fun to fish as well

forget all about sizzling runs, though & concentrate totally on locking down tight & hauling that fish in as quickly as you can

no:3 - high jump
for sure the big game fish would be the blue and black marlin!

these speedsters are hugely impressive fish that tend to leap
& jump a lot when hooked

much as the fight is often long & protracted,
marlin impact most in our head as a jumper!

the ultimate big sport species, a fish that demands total respect
& complete respect if you go fishing for them


exotic & a dream come true to catch them!

credits: adventure fishing/ flickr/ various data


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