Wednesday, 18 May 2011

no: 4 - 400 meters

offshore saltwater fishing for big yellowfin &
bluefin tuna should be a must for you

imagine the speed & depth-changing abilities of a small fish like a mackerel, now try to think about a fish like this that might weigh hundred pounds. the 400 meters has always stuck to us as one hell of a painful race & every single thing we have either seen or heard about big-game-level tuna fishing on a lighter gear leaves us wondering why on earth anybody would actually want to do it!

yellowfin & bluefin tuna would make your waist exhausted,
back pain & feed up to play with!

a torture for you.. feel it!

n0:5 - 100 meters
giant trevally is one of the true brutes of the sea

the build up is massive with all amounts of tension & apprehension,
there is no other fish like gt!

if the 100 meters is the pinnacle of the games, then gt to us is right up there at the top of what fishing can be about when you go chasing a fish that does not know the meaning of being nice & subtle. out & out aggression!

completely explosive, either literally brutalise the fish as hard & as quick as you can, or the chances are that it will run you around structure, break you off and leave you gasping for air!

no: 6 - 110 meters hurdles

bonefish is a real speedster that is supremely talented
at running outrageously fast in multiple busts

your heart rate will certainly accelerates as well!

the bonefish is an out-and-out athlete that you should try
to fish for at least once in your life time!

credits: adventure fishing/ flickr/ various data


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